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Hitting. Pitching. Fielding. Catching. Throwing.


Our coaches are experienced in the mechanics of all aspects of the game. From warm up to cool down, we emphasis the importance of proper and age-level appropriate muscle training and most of all, having fun.



Prices for players of all ages

Lessons are 60 minutes in duration

$40.00 for an individual lesson - pay on the day

Packages (all packages are pre-pay only)

5 lesson package - $175.00 ($35.00/lesson)

10 lesson package - $300.00 ($30.00/lesson)

20 lesson package - $500.00 ($25.00/lesson)




If you are purchasing lesson packages, you have 5 months to use your lessons before they expire. Lessons are not transferable to another party and they are not refundable. There is no makeup for a rescheduled lesson that is cancelled for a second time.

As we train in an out-door facility, there will be times that lessons will be cancelled due to inclement weather. In that case, you will be contacted by your coach and your lesson will be rescheduled.